Training Courses

The YIB programme has been designed to help women reach out
and move towards their God-given destiny.

The course consists of three training modules: Know – Grow – Go!
Each module consists of eight evenings of around two hours.

YIB-1 Know

Knowing the love of God for you and discovering who you are in Christ.

YIB-2 Grow

Growing in Kingdom principles and discovering how this influences your life in a practical way.

YIB-3 Go!

Discovering what gifts and talents God has given you and making a plan to step out.

The course is progressive, so YIB-2 is designed for those who have completed YIB-1.
And similarly for YIB-3 following 1 and 2.

The evenings comprise a good mix of teaching and fellowship, enabling us to learn,
to apply what we have learned, and of course time to encourage one other!

At the end of each evening participants receive a handout with Bible based teaching and assignments to work on.
This approach has been very effective in helping participants put the teaching into action in their daily lives.


YIB-1 Know

1. You Are Valuable
2. Jesus Loves You Passionately
3. The New Covenant
4. Law or Grace?
5. Relationship or Religion?
6. Your Identity in Christ
7. The Rest God Gives

YIB-2 Grow

1. Grow Your Faith
2. God’s Love Through You
3. What Do I Think – What Do I Say
4. The Joy of the Lord is your Strength
5. The Holy Spirit, your Helper
6. Culture of Honour
7. I am a Giver!
8. You are a Witness

YIB-3 Go!

YIB-3 Go!
1. What is My Purpose in Life?
2. How do I Hear God’s Voice?
3. The Desires of My Heart
4. God’s Spirit In and Through You
5. Bringing God’s Kingdom in this World
6. Your Talents – Your Personality – Your Experience
7. Purpose Driven Life
8. Your Personal Power Plan
9. Occupying Your Land!

NB. We want to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit
and so different sessions may require a different emphasis.

Who is the YIB training for?

YIB is for you if...

• You want to get to know God better.
• You want to grow in faith and apply this in your daily life.
• You want to discover Gods destiny for your life and use your talents to build His Kingdom.
• You enjoy being trained alongside other women, encouraging each other when needed.

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