Thanks to YIB I have realized how great God’s love is for me. I have been challenged to think about God’s plan for my life. He has shown me such beautiful things and spoke to me personally. It has been a real adventure!


For me YIB arrived at exactly the right time. My tendency to think negatively about myself has completely gone, because I have learned I am a child of the King. Although my husband decided to leave me, I know God will never leave me. Also the prayer of the women around me helped me to keep on seeking God and find my refuge in Him.


YIB has made me even more enthusiastic to turn my dreams and desires into action. The teaching has shown me even more how precious I am in God’s eyes. I got even more motivated to use my abilities and talents for Him. I would advise every woman to follow a YIB training course!


It is like a journey during which you experience God’s love afresh. Discovering you have so many competencies, talents and gifts from the Spirit. It also is very special to pray together for each other and to be living testimonies for God.


Laughing together, crying sometimes. You are being enouraged in everything. Together you have a lot of fun. But it also is serious. You can tell your story. There is love.


To know I am intimately loved by Jesus has touched me deeply. I am free to love Jesus, without any concern I would not be worth it. I have been strengthend by 1 Corinthians 6:11: “I have been cleansed, sanctified and justified in the name of Jesus Christ, by the Spirit of God.”


YIB has helped me to gain more insight into who I am and how God views me. I have been given stepping stones to takes steps towards God and towards His purpose for my life. YIB has given me friends who, just like me, want to focus on God. Sharing experiences and receiving teaching has enabled me to grow spiritually.


Being connected to each other through one goal. Serving the Lord. You learn from each other, exchange testimonies, encourage each other and pray for another. There is so much openness and knowledge of the Bible.


Teaching. Warmth. Encouragement. Being build up and supported. Getting to know the other women. Receiving direction. Hearing truth. Being equipped.


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