Our History


Ruth van Mierlo founded YIB in 2012 having undergone several years of personal development and preparation. Ten years earlier, Ruth experienced a strong sense of calling to equip and encourage women and as a result the name ‘Your Inner Beauty’ was born.

After studying business economics, Ruth held various marketing roles in the Netherlands and France – something which resulted in “burn out”; physical and emotional exhaustion caused by a heavy and stressful workload. This altered the course of her life dramatically.

After the birth of their two children, the family moved to the United States to study theology for three years and they were involved in various ministries

This too was a life changing experience: Learning more about God’s Word and its application in her own life, Ruth experienced great personal breakthrough. And this knowledge and experience of God’s love and grace inspired Ruth to pass on what she had received to others.
This calling to equip women developed and so YIB was founded, born out of a desire to help others fulfil their destiny

Training Courses,
Workshops and Coaching

The first YIB training course took place in 2012. This has now developed into today’s programme of YIB training courses and seminars supported by an enthusiastic staff team.

Women from different countries and Christian denominations have taken part, and YIB has received very encouraging stories of how women have grown and changed as a result of the courses. You can read more in Testimonials.

To coach women further beyond the initial training, there is also Yib Refresh.

Besides helping churches in setting up the YIB training courses
Ruth gives workshops and preaches in churches.
If you would like to receive more information, please contact Yib.

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