Yib: Your Inner Beauty

Our Vision

Empowering women to fulfil their destiny

At YIB we are passionate about helping women thrive and flourish in their God-given destiny.
To that end we have developed tailored training and coaching programmes
to guide women to walk in their unique destiny.

God has put a great treasure inside each and every one of us – a calling; drawing on the unique mix of gifts and talents. And the greatest treasure of all, living within us, is God Himself. The author of great potential, great power!

So why do we not always experience His power in our daily lives, nor fulfil this potential?
YIB helps women discover what God thinks about us, and who we are in Christ.
So that you will be empowered to live according to who you really are – beloved, beautiful and eternally valuable!
And you will shine in this world.

You are unique, and God has created and designed you to have
an impact – God’s impact – in the world around you!

Our History


Ruth van Mierlo founded YIB in 2012 having undergone several years of personal development and preparation. Ten years earlier, Ruth experienced a strong sense of calling to equip and encourage women and as a result the name ‘Your Inner Beauty’ was born.

Training Courses, Workshops and Coaching

The first YIB training course took place in 2012. This has now developed into today’s programme of YIB training courses and seminars supported by an enthusiastic staff team.

Women from different countries and Christian denominations have taken part, and YIB has received very encouraging stories of how women have grown and changed as a result of the courses.
You can read more in Testimonials.

Training Courses

The YIB programme has been designed to help women reach out and move towards their God-given destiny.
The course consists of three training modules: Know – Grow – Go!
Each module consists of eight evenings of around two hours.

YIB-1 Know

Knowing the love of God for you and discovering who you are in Christ.

YIB-2 Grow

Growing in Kingdom principles and discovering how this influences your life in a practical way.

YIB-3 Go!

Discovering what gifts and talents God has given you and making a plan to step out.

The course is progressive, so YIB-2 is designed for those who have completed YIB-1.
And similarly for YIB-3 following 1 and 2.

Coaching Programme

Yib Refresh

YIB Refresh is for women who have completed the full YIB training course Know-Grow-Go, and seek further coaching in the practical implementation of their Personal Power Plan.

Yib Refresh

Coaching Churches/Groups

Our heart is to help churches and womens’ groups to equip their members to walk in their God-given destiny.

The Team

Our Dutch YIB core team comprises four women of differing and complementary giftings and backgrounds.

This team is assisted by a group of motivated ladies who have already completed the YIB training programme.
We are also establishing an international team to help support groups and churches around Europe.


Contact Us

If you would like to know if a YIB training course is coming to your area or you would like more information on how to host YIB training in your group or church:

Please email YIB or fill out the contact sheet.


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